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Valuair, es una aerolínea con base en Singapur.

Opera destinos en Oriente Lejano.

Valuair currently offers flights between its base in Singapore to Jakarta, Denpasar and Surabaya, with Bangkok as a codeshare with Jetstar Asia.

Since the merger with Jetstar Asia, the airline has cut routes to Perth, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Chengdu and Bangkok, as part of a consolidation exercise between both airlines.

The following list shows all current and former destinations, including the city served, the country, the airport, and the begin and end year of the service.


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2015-11-29 Ahh! Why didn't they post in their official innoanrtietal/asia website? I've been updating my resume there but they doesn't seems to update aboot this news there! What a waste! Any idea when is the next interview? =(
2015-08-18 Guys, any idea what is the monthly salray range a cabin crew with jetstar intl gets? cos im working 9-5 job mondays to fridays and im earning 2.5k. im not that tall so i cant join SQ or other high paying airline and so i have to settle...

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